Oriental Health is a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic situated in Jesmond and Durham. Offering a wide variety of treatments including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Shiatsu. We provide clients with the advice, support and expertise they need to help them achieve their goal.



"I have suffered with osteoporosis for some time now, with Laura's help and knowledge the pain is more manageable now. Who would have thought placing needles in strange places could relieve so much pain. Thanks Laura its been a great help keep up the good work."

Karen, 40, Durham

Back Pain

"I would like to thank you for the treatment, you gave me at your clinic, on my back, which I have had trouble with for over 20 yrs. I would like to say the caring and competent way you conducted this alternative treatment was a credit to you. I would have no problem recommending you to anyone wishing to have an alternative treatment and wish you every success. Thank you."

Mike, 72, Seaham

" The treatment and service was impeccable, Laura was appropriately qualified courteous and offered as much explanation as was asked of her. I would recommend Oriental Health."

Olwyn, 57,Durham

Fertility / IVF

"Dear Laura, I really appreciated your enthusiasm, professionalism and eagerness to help me to get rid of my fear (or imbalance) of not being able to get pregnant. Through your acupuncture sessions I found my inner rest, which I believe led to my pregnancy. I have experienced our sessions as pleasant and interesting, this was my first encounter with acupuncture, and it has certainly changed my views on using alternative medicine/acupuncture.

Thank you very much."

Sharon, 37, North Shields

"After 1 1/2 yrs trying for a baby with Laura's help I was pregnant after 3 months of treatment. Her thoughtful and gentle approach helped give me a very personal series of treatments and changed me from a confirmed sceptic about complementary health to a regular user. Thank you."

Jane, 38, Durham

"A friendly and professional service, would recommend it. I found the individually prescribed herbs very beneficial to my success in getting pregnant."

Gill, 31, Durham

"I found the experience very beneficial, relaxing. The help and the advice given were brilliant, it has helped me with my IVF treatment. You feel as though you are not just a number but a person. Thank you for all your help I will recommend it to my friends."

Janet, 39

"Even though I didn't get to have a session at the recommended time of embryo transfer, I have no doubt that the treatment I received and Laura's fantastic approach had a positive effect on me during this difficult and testing time. I am now 7 months pregnant and I can' t thank Laura enough for all the additional work and research that she did, in the first 8 weeks following our positive result and an early scare. I'm sure she helped save our baby. When the doctors told me I had to leave it to nature, Laura was there day and night with advice, support and herbs! I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to complement IVF/ICSI."

Joanne, 28, Newcastle

"I cannot thank Laura enough for all her dedication and guidance. She helped me through a difficult and stressful IVF, and made our IVF journey easier than it could have been. We now have a wonderful son and that is partly thanks to Laura's expertise. Thank you so much."

Nicola, 34 Durham

"Laura was professional but very caring and warm from first appointment. I felt she really cared about my infertility treatment and am 100% convinced that her treatment contributed to my pregnancy (Twins) on the first attempt. I will be using Laura's services again in the future. Thank you Laura."

Jenny, 37, Newcastle

"when I met Laura I was undergoing fertility treatment (IVF). Laura was exceptionally understanding and knew all the best practices for me to try to aid conception. With her help and advice I really believe helped me to conceive on my first attempt. I am now 29 weeks pregnant with twins, and know without Laura's help I wouldn't be where I am now."

Dionne, 27, Durham

"Laura Helped me relax during preparation of IVF/ICSI and at the time of treatment. She willingly treated me during her own time out of hours to fit in with my fertility treatment programme. Very flexible, excellent patient care and help me achieve pregnancy."

Anonymous, 35

"I am 100% certain that without the treatment I received from you I would not be holding our beautiful baby girl now. our heartfelt thanks xx"

Anonymous, 42


Laura helped me through very bad morning sickness. She helped me to come off the anti sickness medication from my GP much sooner than I had been able to in my previous pregnancy (I was not having any acupuncture in my previous pregnancy). I also had some bleeding during the pregnancy which was not clearing up and it stopped as soon as I left the subsequent appointment with Laura. I have also become less stressed and anxious since the treatments began. She always responded very promptly to my queries even outside of our appointment times and her responses were very helpful. Laura is very approachable and made me feel very at ease, even though I am quite shy and uneasy around new people. She was also very good about my apprehension towards needles. I would recommend Laura to anyone, she has helped me so much.

Angela, Newcastle

I found the service to be very professional. The therapist was friendly and I found the treatment worked. I initially went for treatment with morning sickness and found the therapy to be immediately effective. I returned towards the end of my pregnancy and received treatments for induction and labour. I went into labour after my second treatment. I also found myself relaxed after each session. I would not hesitate in retuning in the future

Victoria, Newcastle

Facial Rejuvanessence

"Treatments were professional and carefully explained and carried out. Making me feel special and results amazing. Very relaxing."

Valerie, 40, Durham


"I found Laura's treatments of tremendous benefit for dealing with menopausal symptoms"

Julia, 50, Crook


"The treatment was surprisingly painless and in fact quite relaxing. My periods have started again after being absent for 18 months and are beginning to regulate. I tried many prescription medications and other herbal medicinals to no avail , Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs have worked wonders. Thank You."

Fiona, 33, Durham


"I was already a big fan of acupuncture and Laura's treatments have not disappointed me. She gives good feedback and assesses general health every session with high professionalism."

Christine, 34, Birtley