Oriental Health offers Massage, where appropriate, as a complementary treatment to your acupuncture session.

Treatments Available with Rebecca:

Sports massage
Sports massage is a deep tissue massage which is generally aimed to help with a specific problem/injury. It relieves muscle tension and fatigue, encourages healthy blood circulation, helps prevent injury and increases the rate at which existing injuries heal. 

Rebecca offers pre and post- event massage: Pre-event treatments stimulate the body and prepares the client for their sport and often include sport specific stretches to reduce the risk of injury.  Post-event treatments encourage the body to wind down and relax after exercise and can also significantly reduce the build up of lactic acid in the muscles helping prevent the aches and pains which tend to follow a sporting event.
Treatments are 45 mins £30

Bowen Massage
Bowen is an extremely minimal technique that aims to restore balance in the body. Because of its gentle nature it can be performed on people of all ages from newborn babies to the very elderly. The therapist uses fingers and thumbs to make a rolling movement over muscles, tendons and ligaments. There are 2-5 min breaks between each set of moves, this gives the client's body space to respond and to take in the treatment. Bowen is non-intrusive and can be performed through light clothing if the client prefers. More information can be found at
Treatments are 45 mins £30

Holistic Swedish Massage
Swedish/holistic massage is a full body massage which can be gentle and relaxing or stimulating and refreshing depending on the individuals requirements. It is excellent for relieving muscular tension and fatigue, encourages healthy circulation, refreshes the skin and is a brilliant way to de-stress.
Treatments are 1hr £35

Back and Shoulder Massage
This massage works deeper into the areas where many people experience most tension. It focuses on knots and adhesions causing pain in the back and shoulders.
Treatments are 30 mins £23

Foot and Hand Massage
This indulgent treatment includes a foot scrub and hot towels, as well as hand and foot massage. It is ideal for those who work on their feet all day, and those who just want a bit of pampering.
Treatments are 30 mins £18

Jesmond Natural Health and Fertility

For a fantastic massage in Jesmond visit our new clinic Jesmond Natural Health and Fertility.  I have hand picked two of  the best practitioners in the North East to give you a comprehensive range of quality treatments.